Welcome to the African Yearbook of Rhetoric

The African Yearbook of Rhetoric (ISSN: 2220-2188) is a multi-lingual, peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the development of rhetoric studies on, and in Africa. Some special issues are released under the imprint of The Elephant and the Obelisk.

From October 2012 the Yearbook is freely accessible on this site.

The copyright to all materials is held by AfricaRhetoric Publishing and downloads made for public usage must be acknowledged.

All correspondence to: africarhetoric@rhetoricafrica.org

South African painter Toni Bico (www.tonibico.com) is contributing original cover illustrations. (Book Covers)

List of Volumes

Vol. 1, Gender Rhetoric: North-South, September 2010.

Vol. 2, 1, Rhetorics of justice in post-societies, July 2011.

Vol. 2, 2 Under the Baobab. To Honour Stuart Saunders on his Eightieth Birthday, under the imprint of The Elephant and the Obelisk, August 2011.

Vol. 2, 3, The Great Liberation Speeches of Africa, December 2011.

Vol. 3, 1, Surveillance/Rhetorics, March 2012.

Vol. 3, 2, New Beginnings: Argentina and South Africa, June 2012.

Vol. 3, 3, Diplomatic Rhetoric in the South, November 2012.

Vol. 4, 1, Rhetoric of Statecraft in Africa, March 2013.

Vol. 4, 2-3, Rhetoric In South America

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